The mission of Carrington Carter II Charity, Inc. is: "To provide financial support to qualified student-athletes; and to offer hope where communities are challenged by social, cultural, economic or other adverse conditions."

Each year, the Carter family will select a deserving student in the Washington Metropolitan Area to receive this Student-Athlete Scholarship.

Carrington Carter II was an exceptional student-athlete, who excelled in the classroom and on the basketball court. He was a local A.A.U. basketball coach with D.C. Premier, where he trained, encouraged and mentored many young men and women who aspired to reach higher levels of achievement in the classroom and on the basketball court. Unfortunately, Carrington’s life was cut short through a reckless act of gun violence.  In life, Carrington made an indelible impression upon all with whom he came in contact. Out of love for Carrington II and in response to his senseless death, we will honor his legacy as we begin an incredible journey making a profound impact in the lives of young people. The scholarship is particularly focused on assisting student-athletes that would have benefited from Carrington’s leadership, mentorship, encouragement and training. 

The 2019 scholarship award amount will be up to $5,000

 To apply:

Scholarship Application Requirements:

  • A completed application must be mailed to: Carrington Carter II Charity, Inc. - P.O. Box 441563, Fort Washington, MD 20749

  • Provide an essay explaining the importance of obtaining a college education.

    • Also include in the essay why it is vital to stay away from drugs, excessive use of alcohol and gun violence.

  • The application must be postmarked by November 5th

  • An official copy of the high school transcript and grade report from the school currently attended or most recently attended.

    • The official school transcript must list all grade points earned and academic course work completed to date.

    • Cumulative GPA must be a minimum of 3.2.

  • Two (2) letters of recommendation required

    • Recommendation should be from a teacher, school administrator, counselor, clergy, work supervisor, or military supervisor (active, reserve or National Guard)

    • Recommendation should address the qualifications and academic aptitude of the scholarship applicant.

    • Recommendation may not be from immediate family members, close family friends, blood relatives, or relationships by marriage.

  • A recent photo should be submitted with your application (photo will only be used if you are awarded the scholarship on the Charity’s website)

  • Acceptance letter for the confirmed post‐secondary institution the applicant will attend will be needed before the scholarship will be awarded (but does not have to be submitted with the application).

Winner(s) will be notified on: December 30th

Click here to download the application and mail to the P.O. Box 441563 Ft. Washington, MD 20749. All materials must be postmarked by November 5th.